Waiting for the Breaker Season 3 (2023)


Is The Breaker Season 3 finally confirmed? I've been waiting 6 years for this to drop and is it finally time to get excited?

New Waves finished 6 years ago and with the author's side projects finally finished it seems like we're actually getting what we've been waiting on. Fingers crossed that chaper one will hit before the year is out.

Just for those curious, I'm working on shorter videos at the moment. Trying to get work done on the 20th Century Boys megavideo which is turning into an analysis monster. Apologies for the shorter/simpler videos in the meantime!

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Cheer, Cheer.


There's three releases: I'm waiting on for the rest of the year, the architect by idola joseph anderson's, video on the witcher 3 and last, but certainly the most hopeful, the breaker part 3.

The breaker is this amazing, martial arts manual and quickly became one of my favorites.

When I first went through it, the fights are big and flashy.

The art gets across the power that these people are throwing around and in only 72 chapters.

It tells this surprisingly engaging tale.

It ran for three years from 2007 till july 2010.

Then, a few months later, the authors blast into a sequel, the breaker new waves.

The original had this great ending, but certainly set up for something more to happen.

The sequel goes on to expand the world and follow on directly from the fallout of the original.

It ran from 2010 through to 2015 this time being 200 chapters long again running through to another great ending, but setting up another sequel.

Then, a few months later, the authors drop.

The series they've got another series.

They want to go and work on before.

Coming back to the breaker part three and the fan base collectively said you: what to understand: we'd been given eight years of pretty consistent releases of the breakers world, the gap between parts being quite short, the story having a lot of open threads that needed closing off in a final part.

At that time we didn't know how long this other series would last.

So the breaker simply fell off a lot of people's radars.

The series they went to work on was trinity.

Wonder I haven't read trinity.

So take this with a grain of salt, but a cursory search around the series says that it's nothing outstanding, a youtube search will get you two videos before the algorithm starts tossing you garbage the wiki hasn't been updated in about three years: I.e: half of trinity's existence and if you search reviews, two out of the top three hits on google.

Are people excited that it's finishing so the authors can get back to the breaker.

I wouldn't really say that this is unexpected.

The authors had built a fan base around this series and created some obvious, setups and payoffs for a part three.

Then they left it for six years and the fan base drifted away, unsure when part three would drop or even if it ever would, then the main artist went and picked up.

Another series promised orchid, and this was another blow to the fans.

The comment at the start was that the breaker part 3 would follow.

Trinity, wonder and now you've picked up another series that we have to wait to end as well.

Now I fall on both sides of this hiatus younger me was an ass because I'm sure one of the reasons I didn't pick up trinity wonder is that I didn't want to support it.

I didn't want to help prolong a series that was actively stopping me from getting what I really wanted, which is part three, I'm sure, I'm not alone in that, but I still think it's a pretty juvenile way to look at things.

Admittedly, that was the angle that I took.

The authors were being flippant with their fans and abandoning the series that built their fandom and it felt like a slap in the face.

Then picking up promised orchid was just making us wait even longer.

Current me is far more forgiving to the authors.

Creative burnout is absolutely a thing if the authors needed this time to go and work through some of the ideas that they wanted to play with, but wouldn't fit into the breaker, then all power to them I'd much rather have a strong part 3 after a delay than some rushed limp ending to the series.

Likewise, I don't know how much manga artists earn.

If you needed to pick up extra work and promised orchid to keep the lights running, I'm not going to stop you.

I will probably jump through trinity, wonder and promised orchid before part three to see what they're all about, but for the moment, they're gonna remain on the to-read list.

So where does that leave us with part three? Where does the hope come from that? It's on the way? Well, the plan was for the authors to pick up with the breaker.

After the end of trinity, wonder with trinity having finished the main artists, let us know that things were being worked on back in january.

The key words here are that the aim was to get season 3 published in the second half of the year, I.e now shortly after he put the word out for an assistant to help out specifically for the breaker season.

3 then dropped a few more clues that the breaker was quietly being worked on behind the scenes, as promised orchid finished on the 23rd of july.

We got some certainty.

This is from the artist's naver blog, which finally gave us the confirmation.

So it is on the way it looks like they're, taking a scroll style instead of pages, which will be interesting.

It's a big style change from the prior two parts from the sound of things.

It makes it much easier for the artist, so I don't really mind make it easy for yourselves authors and just commit to it, because the fans have been waiting and not all of us still have hope.

Also, english versions of the original manga are finally being made widely available with the omnibus edition it used to be quite hard to track down those english copies, but the release of the omnibus is a good indication that something was happening with the series.

Hopefully, this will follow with new waves getting the same treatment.

Not everyone in the community is excited, though.

Six years is a long time to wait for a series to be returned to the general vibe at the moment is: okay.

You've confirmed that it's coming, but we've been burned before there is hope, but we're not going to dive all the way in until you set us a specific release date or give us the first chapter.

This is how the community is feeling and, while some, I think, go a bit too far like the change.org petition.

There is some real, genuine disbelief here.

We want to read and enjoy this series, but the wait has been too long and we don't want to start hoping again only to be let down.

Where do I sit? I think it's coming, while I'm skeptical of it arriving this year, I'm expecting the first chapter to drop early next year.

I'm tentatively excited for where the story is going to go and I'm even making a bingo card of expectations for part three.

If I'm wrong and the authors are just baiting us to go and work on something else, then I probably will give up on the series.

I don't think that's likely, but that's where I sit, and I know a lot of fans of the series are feeling the same way so with hope.

I look forward to seeing the break apart.

3 drop sometime soon, thanks for watching this has been cg and I'll.

See you g's in the next one.


Is The Breaker getting Season 3? ›

DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Season 3 includes a new Raider, new Survivor Skins, additional Transpheres, as well as customizable items. Start playing as Dende, King Kai and Fortuneteller Baba today in DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Season 3!

What is the last chapter of The Breaker? ›

Chapter 72 is the 72nd and final chapter of The Breaker series.

What is The Breaker Season 3 called? ›

The 3rd part of The Breaker series titled Eternal Force started serialization on May 05, 2022.

What is season 3 of you coming out? ›

The ten-episode season premiered on October 15, 2021.

Who is the strongest character in The Breaker? ›

However, Code: Breaker 01, also known as the Ace, is typically the strongest of the six.

What chapter is episode 1027 op? ›

ONE PIECE Episode 1027 & Chapter 1055 Release Date

Episode 1027 of the anime will release this Sunday on July 31, while the ONE PIECE manga will also continue with chapter 1055 on the same day.

How old is The Breaker manhwa? ›

The Breaker (manhwa)
The Breaker
Original run2007–2010
Collected volumes10
The Breaker: New Waves (2010 - 2015) The Breaker: Eternal Force (2022 - present)
7 more rows

Who is the main character in The Breaker Season 3? ›

Shi-Woon is the protagonist, but the Deuteragonist is Chun-Woo through much of the first part of the story.

Why did The Breaker turn off? ›

A circuit breaker will usually trip when there is an electrical fault that could cause damage to the circuit. This is usually an excess of current, a power surge or a faulty component. These events fall into three broad categories: Overloads.

What was the Code:Breaker original name? ›

Rei Ogami (大神 零 Ōgami Rei) is the male protagonist and the antihero of Code:Breaker.

Is there a sequel to The Breaker? ›

In addition to more action, chases, and characters, The Breaker Volume 2 takes the manhwa series in a more mature and nuanced direction. English-speaking fans of the internationally acclaimed manhwa series The Breaker are in for a treat with the recent Volume 2 omnibus released by Ablaze Publishing in January 2022.

How does You end in season 3? ›

In the end, Joe fakes his death and blames it all on Love

The end of Season 3' of “You's” final episode reveals that Joe has stolen away to Paris on a hunch that Marienne has moved there with her daughter.

How long will you Season 3 be? ›

Like its first and second season, the third season of You will consist of ten episodes which is the perfect number to once again tell a tight yet action-packed story.

What happened to the girl in you Season 3? ›

Love ultimately murdered her so Joe wouldn't feel tempted, but his fixation transferred to someone new. It happens to be his boss, Marienne, when he picks up a job at the local library. He juggles his marriage with Love while trying to pursue Marienne, eventually convincing her that he's on the verge of leaving Love.

Who is code breaker 1? ›

Hitomi: He was Code:01 and left Eden for personal reasons just before Ogami joined.

Which breaker is the master breaker? ›

The main circuit breaker is a large breaker usually located at the top of the panel but sometimes near the bottom or along one side. It controls all the power of the branch circuit breakers (the breakers controlling individual circuits) in the panel.

What is the 1000th episode of OP? ›

Tech. "Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together" is the 1000th episode of the One Piece anime.

What chapter is episode 1014? ›

It's likely that Episode 1014 will fully adapt these remaining pages of Chapter 999, as well as begin adapting the long-awaited anime version of Chapter 1000. Chapter 1000 sees Luffy, Zoro, Killer, Kid, and Law all arrive at the Skull Dome Rooftop to fight Big Mom and Kaido.

What chapter is episode 366? ›

Changing History, Unchanging Heart
Episode Number366
Manga ChaptersChapter 476(Pages 6-19), Chapter 477, Chapter 478, Chapter 479
ArcThe Lost Substitute Shinigami arc
Previous EpisodeIchigo vs. Ginjō! The Secret of the Substitute Badge
12 more rows

What is the oldest webtoon? ›

And then in 2004, a game changing moment: Korean web portal Daum launches Daum Comics World – the most successful platform of the 2000s. On Daum, the artist Kang Full publishes Love Story – the world's first serialised, long-form webtoon.

What is the oldest manhua? ›

The first successful manhua magazine, Shanghai Sketch (or Shanghai Manhua) appeared in 1928. Between 1934 and 1937 about 17 manhua magazines were published in Shanghai. This format would once again be put to propaganda use with the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Is The Breaker finished? ›

The Breaker New Waves is ending on 200 chapters, but the story ain't ending and that is something to rejoice. This is one of the reasons New Waves is good in my opinion. Unlike many other manga that fits in the shonen archetype New Waves never felt like it was being milked.

Who is Kaiser in The Breaker? ›

Kaiser is the leader of the Black Forest Defence. His main objective is to oppose the Murim world and its laws. He is seen playing around and using Han Chun-Woo. As such, he should be in a very powerful position.

How did Code Breaker end? ›

The Code:Breakers manages to stop him from killing the Prime Minister and Hitomi finally reaches his Code:End and dies in the arms of Ōgami, who leaves after justifying that Hitomi got what he deserved.

What is the teacher's name in The Breaker? ›

Part I: The Breaker

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo Han, is not your ordinary teacher. He is a master of Nine Martial Arts and an enemy of a fearsome world called Murim.

How many times can a breaker trip? ›

How many times can a circuit breaker be turned on and off? With 100 amp or less circuit breakers they are tested to operate 6000 times at rated current and 4000 times no current i.e. 10,000 times operating, they will most likely never see as much operation as they do.

Why won t the trip switch stay up? ›

If your fuse switch won't stay on, it might be time to replace the blown capacitor you'll need to replace your fuse with a new one and then see if that solves the problem. You can find replacement fuses at the Electrical store near you.

Can heat trip a breaker? ›

High Air Temperatures

Ambient heat in the air surrounding the breaker can impact the components, too. When outdoor heat causes the strip to flex and hit a contact, the circuit breaker will trip even though there is no excess electricity causing the heat.

Is DJ the Codebreaker? ›

He appeared as the titular protagonist villain of the 2018 comic called Star Wars Most Wanted: DJ. He is a code breaker who found himself stuck in prison on Cantonica.

Was DJ The Master Code:Breaker? ›

DJ escaped from the Canto Bight prison after offering his service as a codebreaker to Finn and Tico.

Who is the most famous Code:Breaker? ›

Alan Turing is one of the world's best-known codebreakers, helping the Allies break the German Enigma code during WWII with his Bombe machine. Turing certainly isn't the only math genius who changed history, however.

What should I read first in The Breaker? ›

And by starting at The Breaker: New Waves you won't understand how the characters ended up where they are in New Waves. So you really should read The Breaker first, it's really good! New Waves is a sequel of The Breaker and has a story it follows, it's not a side story or anything.

Does breaker have an anime? ›

Wind Breaker Anime confirmed by Studio CloverWorks

Satoru Nii's manga, Wind Breaker, will be adapted into an anime series, as announced on its official website and Twitter account last Thursday, March 30, 2023. The series will be produced by CloverWorks and a teaser visual has also been released.

Is The Breaker manhwa worth reading? ›

The good moments are very, very good and properly built up with impressive art, but it feels like nothing comes of them. Overall, if you enjoyed Breaker, I think New Waves is worth reading. If you were iffy about Breaker and aren't a big fan of the genre, perhaps its not in it for you.

Who is the main character in The Breaker season 3? ›

Shi-Woon is the protagonist, but the Deuteragonist is Chun-Woo through much of the first part of the story.

Who is the protagonist in The Breaker season 3? ›

Han Chun-Woo | The Breaker Wiki | Fandom.

How many seasons will see season 3 have? ›

The series premiered on November 1, 2019, with a second season premiering on August 27, 2021. The third and final season premiered on August 26, 2022 and concluded on October 14, 2022.

How do I stop my breaker from turning off? ›

Electrical overloads are the main cause of breaker trips. Limit the number of devices plugged into the same circuit to avoid tripping the breaker. That might mean moving a few appliances or devices to another circuit or simply unplugging something.

Is Shiho alive in The Breaker? ›

Shiho Lee (이시호; I Siho) is an assassin who uses her charms for her missions. She is from the Heavenly Maiden Skill school and excels at medicine. She is killed during the events of The Breaker and put into stasis by Wonjae in New Waves.

Who is Kaiser in the breaker? ›

Kaiser is the leader of the Black Forest Defence. His main objective is to oppose the Murim world and its laws. He is seen playing around and using Han Chun-Woo. As such, he should be in a very powerful position.

What is the teacher's name in the breaker? ›

Part I: The Breaker

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo Han, is not your ordinary teacher. He is a master of Nine Martial Arts and an enemy of a fearsome world called Murim.

Is See season 3 worth watching? ›

See: Season 3 Reviews

Season 3, which also serves as the conclusion of the show, continues this positive trajectory, arriving at an ending that offers plenty of well-staged action that also delves deeper into the characters nearing the end of their story.

Is 11 in season 3? ›

Season 3. At the start of season three, Eleven and Mike have been dating for seven months, much to the dismay of Hopper, who is annoyed that El and Mike are constantly together.

Is season 3 the end of See? ›

See Has Ended With Season 3, But Was the Conclusion Good?

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