Valentines Day Coloring Pages | Free Printable Valentine's Coloring Sheets (2024)

Share the love with these Valentines Day coloring pages! Below you’ll find our collection of free printable Valentine coloring pages that are great for both kids and adults.

These Valentines Day coloring sheets are super cute, and they’re the perfect way to keep the kids busy this February 14! And they’re all free for you to download and print! Use our printable coloring pages for a classroom activity, Valentine’s Day parties, or for anytime you want to color pictures themed around hearts and love.

These printables are for personal and school use only. Do not copy, republish, upload, or alter these files. If you would like to feature these printables, please provide a link back to this webpage.


Here’s how to use these Valentine’s Day coloring sheets:

  1. Scroll down and find the page you want.
  2. Click on any of the photos below, or on the text links above them. A printable pdf file will open in a new window. (NOTE: The images themselves are not printable quality.)
  3. Print the pdf on 8.5 inch by 11 inch, letter sized paper.
  4. Color your pages and enjoy!

Printable Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Looking for coloring pages for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with 10 different coloring sheets featuring candy, hearts, balloons, cake, and more! There’s a great selection of Valentines coloring sheets for kids and adults, and they’re all free and ready to download.

These coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages. Preschoolers, toddlers, and younger kids will appreciate the large areas and simple outlines that many of the images have. And tweens and older kids will love the more detailed pictures!

So get your crayons, pencil crayons, and markers ready and color a picture for Mom or Dad, or give one to your special Valentine! Let your imagination run free as you color these Valentine coloring pages.

Valentines Day Coloring Pages #1

It seems that cheeky Cupid is ready to hit someone with his arrow! Who could his target be?!

What color will you make the hearts around Cupid? Red and pink are classic Valentine’s Day colors, but purple and blue would look nice as well.

Valentines Day Coloring Pages #2

Cupid’s aim was true! Hearts with Cupid’s arrow through them represent romantic love, which is why you see them so often on Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Coloring Pages #3

This cute little bumblebee can’t resist a “Bee Mine” pun this Valentine’s Day. His wings even have a heart shape to them, so he must really “bee” in the mood to party.

The larger shape of the bee is perfect for younger kids to fill in. Is the bee yellow or will you color him in Valentine’s Day themed colors?

Valentine Coloring Pages #4

Will you be this teddy’s Valentine? The heart this teddy bear is holding is perfect for writing a Valentine’s Day message to Mom, Dad, a friend, or even your secret crush!

Valentine Coloring Pages #5

Doesn’t this layer cake look delicious?! It’s the perfect dessert for your Valentine’s Day party! What color should the frosting be?

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages #6

This bouquet of heart balloons is so pretty! They would definitely liven up a Valentine’s Day party, don’t you think? And the heart shaped ribbons are such a cute touch!

Will you color these balloons in a ton of different colors, or will you make them all red?

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages #7

“I love you to the moon and back” is a popular saying, but this little rocket powered on love has gone way past the moon! It’s filled with so much love it’s almost all the way to Saturn!

The smaller details and letters on this coloring page make it perfect for older kids!

Valentines Day Coloring Sheets #8

This heart shaped box of chocolates looks so inviting! What type of candy do you think is in the box?

Valentines Day Coloring Sheets #9

This adorable dog is full of puppy love and she has a bag of Valentine’s Day treats to offer! What color do you think the puppy is, and what will you name her?

Coloring Pages Valentine’s Day #10

Love is magical, just like this unicorn! Unicorns are all about love and magic, making this cute and happy unicorn the perfect mascot for Valentine’s Day.

The smaller areas on this unicorn picture make it perfect for older kids and adults to color!

Here’s even more coloring pages:

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Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Mermaid Coloring Pages

Butterfly Coloring Pages

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Valentines Day Coloring Pages | Free Printable Valentine's Coloring Sheets (16)

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Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine's Day coloring pages are a popular activity for both kids and adults. They provide a creative outlet and a way to celebrate the holiday with colorful and festive designs. These coloring pages often feature themes related to love, hearts, Cupid, flowers, and other Valentine's Day symbols.

Printable Valentine Coloring Pages

Printable Valentine coloring pages are sheets that can be downloaded and printed for coloring. They are available in various designs and styles, catering to different age groups and skill levels. These coloring pages can be used for classroom activities, Valentine's Day parties, or simply as a fun and relaxing activity at home.

How to Use Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Sheets

To use printable Valentine's Day coloring sheets, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down and find the page you want to color.
  2. Click on the photo or text link associated with the page. This will open a printable PDF file in a new window.
  3. Print the PDF on letter-sized paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches).
  4. Use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the pages according to your preference.
  5. Enjoy the process of coloring and let your imagination run free!

Age Appropriateness of Valentine Coloring Pages

Valentine coloring pages are suitable for kids of all ages. Preschoolers, toddlers, and younger children can enjoy coloring pages with large areas and simple outlines. These designs are easier for them to fill in and provide a great opportunity for them to practice their fine motor skills.

Older kids, tweens, and even adults can also find enjoyment in coloring more detailed pictures. These coloring pages often have intricate patterns and smaller areas to color, allowing for more creativity and artistic expression.

Coloring Page Themes

Valentine coloring pages come in a variety of themes. Some common themes include:

  1. Hearts and Cupid: These designs often feature hearts in different sizes and patterns, along with Cupid, the mythical figure associated with love and romance.
  2. Animals: Animals like bees, dogs, and unicorns are often depicted in Valentine coloring pages, adding a cute and playful touch.
  3. Food and Treats: Valentine's Day-themed food items like cakes, chocolates, and candies are popular choices for coloring pages.
  4. Love and Messages: Some coloring pages may include love-themed messages or phrases, providing an opportunity to express affection through coloring.

Remember, the coloring pages mentioned in the article are for personal and school use only. It is important to respect the copyright and terms of use specified by the creators. If you want to feature these printables, it is recommended to provide a link back to the original webpage.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts related to Valentine's Day coloring pages. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Valentines Day Coloring Pages | Free Printable Valentine's Coloring Sheets (2024)
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