Puretech Health (PRTC) Share Price (2024)

Share NameShare SymbolMarketTypeShare ISINShare Description
Puretech Health PlcLSE:PRTCLondonOrdinary ShareGB00BY2Z0H74ORD 1P
Price Change% ChangeShare PriceShares TradedLast Trade

Bid PriceOffer PriceHigh PriceLow PriceOpen Price
Industry SectorTurnoverProfitEPS - BasicPE RatioMarket Cap
Home Health Care ServicesUSD23.75MUSD-50.35MUSD-0.1839-12.29618.94M
Last Trade TimeTrade TypeTrade SizeTrade PriceCurrency
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07/6/202417:30UK RNSPureTech Health PLC Holding(s) in Company
06/6/202417:34UK RNSPureTech Health PLC Result of Meeting
04/6/202407:00UK RNSPureTech Health PLC Additional Disclosure Re: Tender Offer
03/6/202407:00UK RNSPureTech Health PLC Total Voting Rights
29/5/202421:30ALNCIN BRIEF: PureTech's Ankili to be acquired by Virtual Therapeutics
29/5/202413:04UK RNSPureTech Health PLC PRTC's Akili Enters Into Merger Agreement
23/5/202412:00UK RNSPureTech Health PLC PRTC to Present at Jefferies Healthcare Conference
21/5/202414:07ALNCPureTech-founded Vedanta begins trials for VE303 colonic bacteria drug
21/5/202412:05UK RNSPureTech Health PLC PRTC's Vedanta Begins Phase 3 of VE303 in C. diff
20/5/202409:03ALNCIN BRIEF: PureTech Health launches USD100 million buyback programme

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07/6/202409:14PureTech Health - innovative healthcare2,034
22/7/201821:35PureTech Health (PRTC) One to Watch Monday -

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Posted at 10/6/2024 09:20 by Puretech Health Daily Update

Puretech Health Plc is listed in the Home Health Care Services sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker PRTC. The last closing price for Puretech Health was 228p.
Puretech Health currently has 273,866,153 shares in issue. The market capitalisation of Puretech Health is £618,937,506.
Puretech Health has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -12.29.
This morning PRTC shares opened at 224p

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Posted at 05/6/2024 06:55 by jaws6

IC got new short list and PRTC is not in there, not sure who is right, FT or IC. lets wait for news soon.

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Posted at 04/6/2024 14:45 by rambutan2

FT has piece today on bad time for hedge funds shorting UK mkt. Lists top 10 most shorted stocks and I spot PRTC in the list with 8.5% shorted.

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Posted at 03/6/2024 12:26 by return_of_the_apeman

I am struggling to see the point in tendering any of my shares now. Mathematically removing 12% of shares in circulation should mean I am better off not tendering and if there is little take up then that news and a large special divi could see the share price rise substancially into x-div.

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Posted at 17/5/2024 12:49 by crazycoops

The CEO was already at the company in an executive role, so I doubt he would want to amend the terms (unless they have received feedback from institutional holders perhaps). The thing that has crossed my mind is that PRTC might be acquired which would perhaps also explain why Daphne chose to move across to Seaport.

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Posted at 22/3/2024 15:03 by linton5

Share price is exactly where it was 1year ago I take it not much has happened 🤔

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Posted at 21/3/2024 10:33 by wassapper

So please help me here. The tender offer will be at 250p per share (if it proceeds)?

Current share price is 222p

So if I buy more now (to add to my goodly amount), sometime in April/May, I'll be offered 250p a share for some of my shares by the company?

Do I make an "instant" 28p per share or just for a proportion? If so why aren't more share being bought?

What happends to the share price after the tender offer (all things being equal)? Does it drop like a typical ex-divi action?

First time tender for me so quite confused. I am sure many of these questions will be asked again!


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Posted at 19/3/2024 12:35 by fozzie

The stock market is crazy. You often get companies doing a small placing at a 20% discount and the share price drops to the placing price almost straightaway even though it might only be 5% of share capital.

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Posted at 19/3/2024 12:30 by return_of_the_apeman

As the share price gets closer to £2.50, more will be inclined not to tender, which may mean a special divi as indicated

Looking forward to publication of results at the end of April

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Posted at 16/3/2024 12:58 by colinblackbourn

Karuna $14bn closing frees up cash from the big holders.Fidelity will have made several billion dollars for example.100pc owned Seaport and Gallop will be looking for investors ahead of eventual IPO..Remember Seaport is 'Karuna on Steroids'.both ultimate valuations in for free.I wonder what the share price will be by the final results at the end of April.

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Posted at 23/2/2024 14:06 by takeiteasy

I know folks are all loading up here - but given the note at the top of the page notes value in the share at 1.42 in 2016 - what on earth has happened in the interim etc etc..given what must have been a very tough 8 years to 2024 what is a realistic target price now that some might take profits at.

We have such a crazy range of numbers up to about 10 quid which almost seems mad to suggest in the light of dreadful share price performance over such a long 8 year period..

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Puretech Health (PRTC) Share Price (2024)
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