Mastering Instagram Live: Your Ultimate Guide to Seamless Broadcasting (2023)

In the dynamic realm of social media, Instagram Live stands out as a potent tool for brand promotion and audience engagement. Launched in 2016, it has evolved into one of the platform's most sought-after content features. As 54% of consumers express eagerness for more live content from their beloved brands, the potential for creators to monetize Instagram is substantial.

Unveiling the Simplicity: How to Go Live on Instagram in Two Simple Steps

Embarking on an Instagram Live session is simpler than you might think. Unlike regular posts, you are free from the shackles of captions and fretting over the ideal video size. No need for Instagram verification; all that's required is a compelling topic, your smartphone, and an active Instagram account.

  1. Tap the Plus Icon: Located on the top right side of your screen in your Instagram feed or profile, the plus icon reveals various options, including Reel, Post, Story, and Live. Click on Live.

  2. Initiate the Live Session: Once selected, your screen transitions to the Live page with your camera in selfie mode. A tap on the recording button at the screen's bottom middle commences your Live session after a brief connection check by Instagram.

Practicing Perfection: Preview Your Livestream in Practice Mode

Instagram provides a valuable feature allowing you to practice before engaging your audience. By selecting the eye icon and toggling from public to practice mode, you can rehearse without an audience, refining your skills and exploring features with ease.

Elevate Your Livestream with Interactive Features

Make your Instagram Lives stand out with these interactive features:

  • Add a Title: Tag your session, allowing your audience to grasp the discussion topic.
  • Add a Guest: Enhance engagement by featuring another person on a split screen.
  • Send: Directly share your live video link with a follower while broadcasting.
  • Change Camera: Switch between selfie and regular modes to showcase different perspectives.
  • Share a Photo or Video: Integrate multimedia from your gallery during the live broadcast.
  • Face Filters: Infuse fun into your live sessions with Instagram's diverse filters.
  • Add a Comment: Engage with your audience through comments, or control the narrative by turning them off.

Moderation at Your Fingertips: How to Appoint Mods and Set Comment Filters

For creator accounts, Instagram allows comment moderation. Take advantage of this feature by filtering out unwanted words. In Settings, navigate to Privacy, select Hidden Words, toggle on Hide Comments, and manage custom words and phrases.

Strategic Timing: The Best Time to Go Live on Instagram

The optimal time to go live varies based on your audience's online activity. Leverage Instagram Analytics to pinpoint peak engagement periods. For globally dispersed followers, targeting the best time for your content type provides a competitive edge.

Preparing for the Spotlight: Promoting Your Instagram Live Event

Ensure your audience is primed for your live session with these promotional tactics:

  • Craft a teaser post announcing your upcoming live session.
  • Design a visually appealing flyer promoting the event.
  • Engage followers with a question post, gathering input on session hours and preferred topics.
  • Share live event details across your other social media platforms.

Desktop Dilemma: Can You Go Live on Instagram From a Desktop PC?

While Instagram's features, including Live, are optimized for mobile use, you can go live from a desktop using third-party streaming apps. However, be cautious, as this may violate Instagram's terms and conditions.

In the CEO's Perspective: Insights from Ervin Kalemi

Drawing from over a decade of experience in software development, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and social media, Ervin Kalemi, the Founder & CEO, continues to innovate. With a focus on solutions that empower businesses' online presence, he is currently involved in the development of Publer and Kibo.


Instagram Live is a powerful avenue for brand promotion and connecting with your audience on a personal level. By mastering the steps, exploring interactive features, strategically timing your sessions, and promoting events effectively, you can harness the full potential of Instagram Live for your brand. Embrace the practice mode, experiment with features, and utilize moderation tools to create a seamless and engaging live experience for your audience.

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