Kaitlyn: What Happened to the WWE Star? Where is She Today? (2024)

Celeste Bonin, popularly known as Kaitlyn in the wrestling world, burst into the WWE scene, leaving an indelible mark on fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Starting her career as a body fitness model, Kaitlyn’s prowess wasn’t limited to the gym. In 2007, her dedication saw her win the National Physique Committee (NPC) John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship. But it was her debut in WWE in 2010 that catapulted her to international fame. Under the powerful persona of Kaitlyn, she wrestled her way into hearts, achieving the title of WWE Divas Champion in 2013. However, by 2014, her stint with WWE came to an abrupt end, leaving fans yearning for more. As we trace her journey, one can’t help but wonder: what led to her departure from the squared circle?

Why Did Kaitlyn Leave WWE?

Kaitlyn’s exit from WWE was as unexpected as her rapid rise in the company. In January 2014, Kaitlyn’s tenure with WWE culminated with her final match against AJ Lee. A loss in that bout was symbolic, considering her meteoric rise and subsequent challenges. While many speculated that her departure was due to backstage politics or potential creative differences, the real reasons ran much deeper. Despite her successful run and a loyal fanbase, there were underlying currents of discontent. In a candid conversation with Renee Paquette on her podcast ‘The Sessions’, Kaitlyn delved deep into her reasons for departure. “I left wrestling because I thought I was gonna get fired, I felt less and less relevant, I had so much shame,” she admitted, adding to her feelings of discontent was her struggling mental health.

“I gained all this weight and my body was giving me every signal that I was just not OK, emotionally, mentally, I just had so much hatred for myself,” Kaitlyn explained.” The mounting pressures, both personal and professional, converged to a point where she felt disassociated from her environment and her self-worth. Kaitlyn didn’t simply quit; she retreated from the emotional and mental onslaught she was undergoing. She also opened up regarding how she felt about leaving the WWE, “I had so much resentment towards myself and that projected outwards and like, I was in self-destruct mode. So, I just asked for my release on a day…it was just like a really shi**y day. I was so disassociated with so much from that day because it was just so painful. I didn’t understand why I was doing these things, I just was like, ‘I don’t know how to do what I wanna do’ and for a long time, I hated the way that I left.”

Kaitlyn is Embracing a Spiritual Lifestyle Today

Since her WWE departure, Kaitlyn’s journey has been nothing short of transformative. She momentarily stepped back into the wrestling ring in 2018, participating in the Mae Young Classic. However, her interests started leaning more towards entrepreneurship. As glimpsed from her Instagram profile’s Linktree, she has branched out into several ventures. “Project This Is Me” offers coaching solutions, reflecting her passion for guiding others. In the realm of health, she’s involved with INSPIRED Nutraceuticals, catering to those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Yet, her pursuits aren’t just limited to health. With the Riverstone Movement School, Kaitlyn dives into holistic approaches to well-being. Alongside her husband, Grant Dziak, she offers the Lifestyle Accelerator Group Coaching, signifying their shared vision. They are the embodiment of the modern power couple, redefining relationships and professional ventures on their terms. And for those with a flair for fashion, Free Spirit Outlet represents Kaitlyn’s unique style ethos.

On the personal front, life seems fulfilling after her divorce from her bodybuilder ex-husband, PJ Braun. Marrying Grant Dziak in December 2022, she appears to have embraced a more spiritual lifestyle in Texas. The couple’s endeavors, as reflected in their business and coaching pursuits, resonate with their belief in redefining norms. Kaitlyn, or Celeste, as she’s now frequently known, is on a continuous journey of self-discovery. While she might not be regularly body-slamming opponents in the ring, her current battles are more about helping others find their purpose, passion, and happiness.

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Kaitlyn: What Happened to the WWE Star? Where is She Today? (2024)
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