Idaho Harvest Statistics (2024)

1. Harvest Statistics

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  • Harvest Statistics for Idaho Big Game Hunting Opportunities.

2. Query Harvest Statistics - Idaho Fish and Game

  • Enter the harvest statistics you desire. Enter desired statistics in one or more fields. One entry required, fields may be left blank. % ...

  • The Harvest Finder allows you to query current game regulations based on previous year's harvest statistics.

3. Elk, mule deer, whitetails, oh my!: Fish and Game harvest statistics for 2023

  • 27 mrt 2024 · Total mule deer harvest in 2023: 18,329 · 2022 harvest total: 23,588 · Overall hunter success rate: 25% · Antlered: 15,245 · Antlerless: 3,083 ...

  • White-tailed deer harvest increased in 2023 for the first time in four years, but the elk harvest was below 20,000 for the first time since 2013.

4. 2023 elk harvest in Idaho the lowest in a decade - Montana Outdoor

5. 2021 Big Game Season A Mixed Bag For Idaho Deer, Elk Hunters -

  • 5 apr 2022 · By the numbers · Total elk harvest in 2021: 20,396 · 2020 harvest total: 22,776 · Overall hunter success rate: 22.9 percent · Antlered: 11,142 ...

  • Idaho wildlife managers report on last fall's elk, mule deer and whitetail harvest, a season that saw fewer hunters afield for all three species but success rates both above and below 2020's.

6. Idaho Fish and Game's harvest data reveals the top spots for deer hunters

  • 3 okt 2014 · ... harvest statistics. There were 129,155 deer hunters in Idaho last year, and they killed 48,800 deer for a success rate of 38 percent. Idaho ...

  • ...deer hunters tend be roughly split between mule deer hunters in the south and east, and whitetail hunters in the north and central parts of the state. Last year's harvest was split 53 percent mule deer and 47 percent whitetails. Whitetail hunters tend to have a higher success rate because of long seasons, generous doe hunting and open hunts during the November rut. Most mule deer hunters are limited to about three weeks in October and buck-only hunting. Harvest...

7. Idaho harvest stats, accurate?? | Rokslide Forum

  • 9 jul 2020 · 1 in 4 sounds about right. Doing a mental survey of hunters I know puts it more like 1 in 6, but I'd definitely believe 24% harvested. Bad ...

  • While doing some research for the 2021 season, i was reviewing harvest stats for all units general deer for 2019 The numbers i see are very low, averaging just %24 for Any Legal Weapon, even lower for archery/muzzy Those numbers seem way low to me Does Idahos F&G harvest scoring process just...

8. Big game hunting harvest statistics | Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

9. Idaho - Deer Friendly

  • Internet Search Statistics · Trophy Hunting · "Deer Harvest". Idaho Deer Population: An estimated 457,000 deer in 2023 with 230,300 mule deer and about 226,400 ...

  • Idaho Deer Population: An estimated 457,000 deer in 2023 with 230,300 mule deer and about 226,400 whitetails. A hard 2022-23 winter reduced the 2022 population of 466,000 deer 253,000 mule deer and 213,000 whitetails. Down from 514,000 deer in 2021 including 282,000 mule deer and 232,000

10. Wyoming Elk Hunters Set a Record While Idaho Saw Worst Harvest in ...

  • 26 mrt 2024 · The story was much different in Idaho, where for the first time since 2013, the statewide elk harvest dipped below 20,000 with only 18,568 elk ...

  • The neighboring states reported vastly different harvest numbers and success rates, and wildlife managers point to several reasons why.

11. Idaho Unveils 2023 Elk & Deer Hunting Outlook

  • 29 aug 2023 · Hunter success rates in 2022 were 23% for elk, 29% for muleys and 38% for whitetails. For the full 2022 deer and elk harvest stats, check out ...

  • Below is a news release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Deer and elk hunting in Idaho will be similar to last year, [...]

12. Idaho harvest statistics | Rokslide Forum

  • 8 feb 2017 · The controlled hunt stats are usually posted mid to late spring, but the general season info usually doesn't come out until well into summer.

  • Anyone know when the 2016 info is posted?

13. Idaho elk hunting is on the rebound, and tags are selling out quickly for ...

  • 16 sep 2023 · Two things have improved for hunters and hunting outfitters in Idaho – Idaho Fish and Game has been more aggressive about reducing wolf numbers ...

  • To book an Idaho elk hunting outfitter, you may want to consider dates for the 2024 and 2025 hunting seasons, writes Steve Stuebner.

14. 2023 Idaho Elk, Mule Deer Harvest Drops

  • 9 apr 2024 · And with last fall's harvest stats now available, the story that commenced after one of the worst eastern Idaho winters on record can be told.

  • Below is a news release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. It didn’t take a whole lot of rubbing the crystal ball to [...]

15. Hunt Idaho - Plan Your Next Hunt - Idaho Fish and Game

  • 31 game species to hunt, one great state to explore. Get started by getting educated and grabbing your Idaho hunting license today.

16. Unit 51 Bull | Idaho | Monster Muleys Community

  • 16 jul 2023 · ... harvest stats on IDFG website and they look decent. 2022 Elk General Hunt Harvest Statistics | Idaho Fish and Game. The Idaho Hunt Planner ...

  • I’ve searched through the archives and haven’t found much recent activity on this hunt. Was just wondering how the herds over there are doing? best time of the month to focus on the hunt? How is the access, should a guy take a vehicle with tracks or tires? I’ve archery hunted 49 & 50 but have...

Idaho Harvest Statistics (2024)
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