Graduate Program – Mathematics (2024)

Latest News: Congratulation to Seok-Young Chung and Kai Liu to receive the 2023-24 COS Dean’s Ph.D. Fellowship. More Graduate News

Admission: Welcome to apply for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 admission (PhD/Master/Certificate). The official deadline for Fall 2024 admission with extension is January 15, 2024 for international applications and July 1, 2024 for domestic applications. The official deadline for Spring 2025 admission is July 1, 2024 for international applications and December 1, 2024 for domestic application. However apply for the admission as early as possible. Please contact the program coordinator if you miss the deadline. Please visit the admission website of College of graduate studies for the university requirement and the application procedure.

Financial Support: All students admitted to the Phd program will be offered with the graduate teaching assistantship and/or university fellowship, with tuition waiver, health insurance coverage and competitive stipend, if you are interested in the financial support from the program. The program also allocates partial funding for the master program. The GTA stipend has increased about 20% from Spring 2023. GTA stipend will be adjusted when passing qualifying and candidacy exams or received graduate research and teaching awards. Students working in the summer will earn additional stipend at $4500 or more.

Office hour: If you are interested in the math graduate program at the University of Central Florida, and have any questions about the program, you can join the Zoom Meeting scheduled every Tuesday afternoon 4:30pm–5:00pm (Eastern Time) in the spring 2024 semester. Sometimes there is a long line in the waiting room. If you have other appointment, please email at to make an appointment.

Join Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 973 3243 4872
Passcode: 327259

The UCFMath graduate program focuses on contemporary areas of applied mathematics and traditional areas of core mathematics. We have offered thePhD program in Mathematics since Fall 1993 with the Financial Mathematics track added in Fall 2017, the Master program in Mathematics since Spring 1971 with the Industrial Mathematics track added in Fall 2000 and the Financial Mathematics track added in Fall 2017, and the Graduate Certificates in Mathematical Sciences since Fall 2009 with the financial mathematics track and the data modeling track added in Fall 2020. The program has awarded 96 PhD, 427 Master degrees and 27 Mathematical Science Certificates since 1971. The program currently has 40 active PhD students and 5 active master students, and 17 PhD students taking Dissertation hours (Spring 2023). Basic facts and brief description of the program can be found in the facts website, the graduate program posterand also in theUCF Math Graduate Brochure.

Graduate Program – Mathematics (1)The doctoral program prepares students for positions working in research-level mathematics in academics and industry. The master program provides a broad base in mathematics for students interested in mathematical careers. The graduate certificate program is designed for future teachers of college-level mathematics.

The faculty in the program are dedicated to the graduate education and many of them are recognized as outstanding scholars. Our faculty members include an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematics, a Marcus Wallenberg Prize winner, two Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, and two National Science Foundation Career awardees. Many faculty members conduct interdisciplinary research and supervise graduate students in other departments, research institutes and centers within the university.

Students in the program can specialize in many areas of pure, applied, computational and financial mathematics, including Approximation Theory, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Big Data and Mathematical Statistics, Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, Control and Optimization, Differential and Symplectic Geometry, Differential Equations, Fluid and Plasma Dynamics, Free Boundary Problems, Inverse and Ill-posed Problems, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Finance, Machine Learning, Nonlinear Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, Orthogonal Polynomials, Real and Functional Analysis, Probability and Stochastic Analysis, Tomography and Medical Imaging, and Topology.

Students in the program have opportunities to interact with other departments and institutions on campus, and also local industries like Lockheed Martin, N.A.S.A., Siemens and Harris Corporation. Our graduates regularly go on to successful positions in academics, government and industry.

Please explore the UCF Math graduate website for more information about Doctoral, Masters, and Certificate programs, or contact Qiyu Sun or 407-823-4839.

Graduate Program – Mathematics (2)

Qiyu Sun
4393 Andromeda Loop N
Department of Mathematics
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: 407-823-4839
Fax: 407-823-6253
Email: qiyu.sun@ucf.eduWeb:

Program coordinators: Qiyu Sun (2015–) with assistance by Norma Nobles; Joseph Brennan (2012– 2015); Xin Li (2006–2012), Ram Mohapatra(2001–2006), Ahmed I. Zayed (1999–2001),David Rollins (1996–1999), Piotr Mikusinski (1993–1996), Larry Andrews (1971–1993).

Graduate Program – Mathematics (2024)
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