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This is it. With the Hacketts dealt with and the mystery potentially unravelled by the finale of Chapter 9, The Quarry's tenth chapter will be all about putting an end to this (potentially once and for all). The walkthrough below will help you survive everything this final stage of the night throws at you.

It's worth noting that there's an entire segment of this chapter that will be missing if you didn't solve the mystery and team with a certain character. If you're wondering which endings you can get (including this team-up ending), head over to our endings guide. For now though, let's catch up with either Kaitlyn or Max depending on how Chapter 9 ended...


(Max) Waking From A Nightmare

If Ryan managed to kill Chris during the Hackett massacre back in Chapter 9, we'll open Chapter 10 by playing as Max, who's returned to his human form (If your Max is still in wolf form, click here to skip ahead). Following his showdown with Laura, he'll find himself stuck in a tree, having to navigate down to the treehouse.

Assuming Emma survived the run-in with werewolf Max back in Chapter 4, Max will head inside and look for his clothes in the bag we were able to raid prior to the two's battle. If Emma took his clothes, he'll have to get changed into Laura's clothes.

Max will then head down the ladder from the treehouse and find himself on the path back to the dock. Once you gain control, follow the route ahead until you see Laura's hat on the ground. Pick it up and Max will talk about Laura, putting the hat on.

Keep following the path until you reach the docks. This next section will change depending on how Chapter 9 ended. Let's run through both scenarios:

Laura Teamed Up With Travis / Laura Died in the Hackett MassacreLaura Killed Travis

(Potential Death) Laura Teamed Up With Travis / Laura Died in The Hackett Massacre

If Laura and Ryan decided to team up with Travis or Laura didn't make it out of the Hackett massacre at the end of Chapter 9, then Max won't meet anyone on the dock. Instead, we'll be dealt a choice.

Either we stay on the island or we head across the lake. This can have pretty disastrous consequences, so let's run through the outcomes of both choices:


StayMax will stay on the island for the rest of the night. We won't see him until the epilogue, but he'll survive
Swim To ShoreMax will swim to shore and immediately come face to face with a werewolf. The werewolf will instantly kill Max.

Unless you're attempting the saddest run possible, just stay on the island and wait the night out. Max has been through a lot, bless him. He deserves to still have a head on his shoulders after being bitten by a werewolf and locked in a cage for two months. Regardless of your choice, that will end the scene. Click here to skip to the next section.

Laura Killed Travis

If Ryan didn't survive the events of Chapter 9 and Laura managed to kill Travis, we'll get a touching reunion to cap off Max's one and only playable segment. As Max heads down to the docks, he'll see Laura rowing a boat over to meet him.

She'll arrive at the dock, the pair will embrace and the scene will end, officially closing out the stories of both characters.

(Kaitlyn) The Lodge Assault - Part I

We'll now return to Kaitlyn and (if he isn't dead or a werewolf) Dylan. The pair have returned to the lodge and decided to make one last stand against the horrors lurking in the forest. Namely, that means they're contending with werewolf Caleb.

After blocking the door, it'll begin raining, with Kaitlyn deducing that the downpour should buy them some time. After all, the werewolves are scared of water. We'll use this spot of bad weather to prep for the battle to come. This is likely the biggest exploration segment, so let's run through everything we can find while prepping for our final fight.

Once you gain control, head to the kitchen to the left of the lodge's front doors. If we opted to break into the cabin as Abi during Chapter 1 and decided to take the discarded toy found inside the cabin, Kaitlyn will be able to get it out of Abi's bag in the back right-hand corner of the room. Make sure you do this, as it might potentially save lives a little bit later...


With that done, head back to the centre of the lodge. Take the stairs on the east side of the room and access the walkway leading to the second and third floors.

Before we go up either side, head to the centre of the walkway and click on the interaction marker that pops up by the nearby railing. Kaitlyn will look at an oil painting on the chimney opposite her, adding the Ancestral Portrait clue to our collection. We'll then get a choice to keep looking around the lodge or prepare for the attack. Press "keep looking". There are still a few things for us to find.

Head to the right of the portrait and, if we messed up the don't breathe QTE when Kaitlyn was attacked by Bobby in Chapter 5, there should be a shattered picture frame on the floor. Interact with it and Kaitlyn will find a ticket to Harum-Scarum inside the glass. This will add the Ticket Stub clue to our collection.

With both of the walkway clues grabbed, it's time to investigate the south and north sides of the lodge's second and third floors.

Second and Third Floor Floors - South Side

First, let's head to the south side of the second floor. From the walkway, travel left of the ancestral portrait we found earlier and follow the path into a small seating area.


First, take a look at the red rug on the floor beneath the nearby armchairs. Kaitlyn will find some dog tags belonging to Bobby. She'll talk to Dylan about it and move on.

Next, head through the nearby door. It'll take you to a bedroom. On the floor in the centre of the room, you'll find a crumped-up note. Interact it with it and a Laura will discover it's a letter sent to the campers' parents asking for more funding. Once she's done reading, we'll get the Camp Letter clue.

With that all collected, let's leave this room and head up to the third floor. The steps will be just to the left of the door to the bedroom. Once you reach the top floor, take a left and the camera will cut to the High Priestess tarot card stuck to one of the support beams.

With everything on this side collected, it's time to head back down to the walkway and cross to the north side of the second and third floors.

Second and Third Floors - North Side

Let's now head into the area to the right of the ancestral portrait we found earlier. We'll make our way through a doorway into a small arts and crafts room. There's nothing to see here, although we will find something in the nearby classroom. It's accessible via the door next to the stairs.

Make your way into the classroom and walk towards the whiteboard to your right. Interact with it and Kaitlyn will talk about Ian the Sheep: Hackett Quarry's mascot that mysteriously died right before the kids arrived at camp. The name will align with the collar we found in the storm shelter during the Prologue. After examining it, we'll add the Chalkboard Doodle clue to our collection.


After you're done with the whiteboard, leave the classroom and head up the stairs to your left. When you reach the third floor, take a right and look for an interaction marker next to a hideous orange sofa. Kaitlyn will find a ring on the floor. After she's done looking at it, we'll add the Inscribed Jewellery clue to our collection.

When that's done, head to the opposite side of the area and look for a cardboard box next to some blue plastic boxes. Investigate it and Kaitlyn will find a series of trail cam video tapes. After discussing the tapes with Dylan, we'll get the Trail Cam Footage evidence.

That's the final thing we'll need to find in this exploration segment. So, when you're ready, make your way back to the second-floor walkway and interact with the ancestral painting again. When prompted, choose: "prepare for attack". It's time to take down a werewolf.

(Jacob) Trekking Back Through The Forest

As with most sections in Chapter 10, what happens in this short segment will entirely depend on earlier choices we made. It'll always start with Jacob trekking back through the forest. However, let's run through the two main scenarios we can run into here:


Emma Wasn't Bitten

If Emma wasn't bitten during Chapter 4, Jacob will trek through the forest on his own. When we cut to him, he'll be angry with himself for trapping the group at Hackett's Quarry for one more night, wishing he could apologise.

He'll fall to his knees crying and then the scene will fade out. This is the last we'll see of Jacob before the end of the story, but he'll live to see another day.

Emma Was Bitten, Kaitlyn Didn't Use the Silver Shells and Chris was Killed

If Emma was bitten during Chapter 4, Kaitlyn didn't use the silver shells in Chapter 8 and Ryan killed Chris during the Hackett massacre in Chapter 9, then Jacob will run into Emma, who's recently transformed back into a human.

The pair will chat briefly before Jacob takes it upon himself to confess why the group are really stuck in Hackett's Quarry. This entire interaction can be approached honestly or aggressively. A word of advice here, head down the honest path. Not only does it mean Jacob doesn't come off as an absolutely awful person, but you'll also be able to grab the Nobody's Fool trophy.

When the two talk, Emma will ask Jacob what's up. We'll get two choices:

HonestJacob will tell Emma he didn't see their last night ending like this
SarcasticJacob will go in on Emma, getting angry at her and

Emma will ask how everything came to this. Jacob will be able to reveal the truth here in one of two ways. Here are the options:

BitterJacob will shout at Emma, telling her that he broke the van to give her one last chance to realise what she's missing out on. She'll punch Jacob in the face
RemorsefulJacob will tell Emma the truth, apologising sincerely for it. Emma will explain that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with Jacob

Depending on which option you picked, you'll get two unique dialogue prompts. If you opted to be "bitter", you'll have to choose between these two lines:


DefensiveJacob will get angry at Emma, telling her he did this because he cares about her. She'll tell him she never wants to see him again
ApologeticJacob will attempt to apologise to Emma

If you opted to be "remorseful", you'll have to choose between these two dialogue options:

ApologeticJacob will sincerely apologise, but then ask Emma whether she had any fun. She'll get angry at the question, telling him he's a real piece of work
DismissiveJacob will backtrack on his reflective approach, telling Emma it's her fault they're in this mess for rejecting him. She'll tell him he's not a good person

Regardless of how the interaction ends, Emma will be done with Jacob but the pair will spend the night together as they wait for the sun to rise. This will officially end both of their stories.

(Kaitlyn) The Lodge Assault - Part II

We'll now check back in with Kaitlyn, who's about to go toe to toe with werewolf Caleb.

Shortly after the scene begins, we'll hear noises coming from the chimney. It's time to begin the lodge assault.

(Potential Death) Kaitlyn vs Caleb

Caleb will emerge from the chimney and immediately begin chasing Kaitlyn, coming up the stairs and walk towards her.


We'll get our first choice of the chase here, with Kaitlyn able to wait or run. Here are the outcomes of both decisions:

WaitKaitlyn will have to shoot Caleb in a combat scenario. Win and she runs to the next room. Fail and Kaitlyn gets chomped.
RunKaitlyn will just run to the next room. There's no QTE here.

Kaitlyn will enter the arts and crafts area and block the door using a wooden chair. She'll then run upstairs as Caleb breaks through the door and continues pursuing her.

If Abi is still alive and found the silver shells in the storm shelter in Chapter 9, we'll get a brief scene of her (and Emma if she's still alive) watching Kaitlyn on the monitors. It's clear that she needs a way to kill Caleb, as there's little chance to evade him in the lodge. She'll then remember the silver shells she found, claiming she can slip them to Kaitlyn when she passes.

We'll now return to Kaitlyn, who's climbed to the third floor. She'll need to escape quickly, giving us two options on how to cross to the opposite side of the lodge. We can either use the beam or window. Here are the outcomes of both choices:

WindowKaitlyn will run to the window, opening it as Caleb approaches. You'll have to hit QTE down to get through the window. The rest is automatic. If you fail the QTE, Kaitlyn will be crushed by Caleb
BeamKaitlyn will have to perform a mash action button QTE to cross the beam. The werewolf will follow closely behind. If you fail the QTE, Kaitlyn will fall to her death

Once you've crossed to the opposite side of the third floor, Kaitlyn will head down the stairs and we'll be dealt another choice: run or hide in the nearby bedroom. Here are both outcomes:

RunKaitlyn will just run to the stairs. There's no QTE here.
HideKaitlyn heads into the bedroom and we get a don't breathe QTE as Caleb follows us inside. Hold the action button, wait for the red light to disappear and then release the button to escape. Kaitlyn will run out of the door and down the stairs

Whichever option you picked, Kaitlyn will bolt downstairs (meeting Dylan on the way if he's still alive). Once they reach the bottom floor, our path will split depending on the choices we've made prior to this chapter.


Let's run through both of the scenarios that can occur at this point of the chase:

Abi Found the Silver Shells

If Abi's alive and found the silver shells during Chapter 9, Kaitlyn will hear her banging on the door to Chris' office when she reaches the bottom of the stairs. We'll then get a choice: Investigate the noise or run to the kitchen.

If you decide to brave the kitchen, then click here to skip to the kitchen set-piece. However, if you do opt to investigate the noise, Kaitlyn will run over to the door and talk to Abi. She'll roll the silver shotgun shells beneath the door, which Kaitlyn will pick up, loading them into her gun.

She'll then spin around and see Caleb approaching her. We'll enter into a combat scenario here, with Kaitlyn having to aim and shoot Caleb before he can reach her. If you're successful, Caleb will die, ending the chase. If you fail, Kaitlyn will be killed by Caleb. Either way, that's all for Kaitlyn's story. Click here to skip ahead.

Abi Didn't Find the Shells

If Abi's dead or didn't find the silver shells in Chapter 9, then we'll be forced to tussle with Caleb in the kitchen. Kaitlyn will head inside and hide behind a counter, forcing us to complete a don't breathe QTE as Caleb enters the room looking for her.

As usual, hold the action button, wait for the red indicator to disappear and release it to escape Caleb momentarily. Kaitlyn will navigate around to the counter at the back of the room and we'll get two options: run or head to the freezer.


This is potentially a lose-lose scenario for Kaitlyn. In some scenarios, you might not even have the option to save Kaitlyn. Here are all the options that will go pear-shaped:

  • If Kaitlyn isn't infected and we opt to "run", Caleb will instantly grab Kaitlyn, violently killing her.
  • If we "hide in the freezer" and Dylan isn't infected, Kaitlyn will get trapped, freezing to death after the chapter concludes.
  • Both solutions will also kill Dylan if he isn't infected.

There are only three ways we can get out of this scenario and all of them require you to have made specific choices up to this point.

The first requires Abi to have broken into the cabins during Chapter 1 and opted to take the forgotten toy while inside. We'll then have had to get that toy out of Abi's bag in the kitchen at the start of this chapter. If all those pre-requisites are met, when Kaitlyn goes to the freezer, there will be an option to use a decoy. Selecting it will cause Kaitlyn to throw the toy into the freezer, luring Caleb there. You'll then have to perform a mash the action button QTE to lock him inside.

The second and third options revolved around Kaitlyn and Dylan being infected. If Dylan is alive and infected, Caleb won't attack him. That means if Kaitlyn hides in the freezer until Caleb's gone, Dylan can let her out. In the same vein, If Kaitlyn's infected, Caleb won't attack her, meaning we can select the run option. He'll pin her to the ground but leave her, smelling that she has werewolf blood in her veins. Regardless of what you chose, that's it for Kaitlyn and Dylan's tale.

(Laura) Hunting Down Silas

Now, this is the secret final section of the game that we'll only get if we managed to not shoot Travis in the cells in Chapter 7, save Ryan at the Hackett Estate in Chapter 9 and team up with Travis after the Hackett Massacre in Chapter 9. If you missed this section and need to figure out how far back to chapter select to unlock it, check out our endings guide for a full breakdown.

If you did uncover the secret behind Hackett's Quarry, it's now time for Ryan, Laura and Travis to finish things once and for all. We'll begin the scene as Laura in Travis' police car. After a silent opening, Laura will be able to ask Travis a question:

InquisitiveLaura will ask Travis what happened all the years ago. How was Caleb bitten?
AccusatoryLaura will ask Travis how he sleeps at night knowing he's traumatised her and Max for life


Travis will claim there's no point reflecting on the past when there are looming threats in the present. Laura will ask how they're going to track Silas by driving in the middle of nowhere. As she ponders this, Silas will approach from behind the car, leaping onto the roof.

(Potential Death) Silas Chase

Silas will shake the car, trying his best to run it off the road. As he attacks, the car will swerve, forcing us to hit QTE right to steady Laura.

Laura will look over and realise the impact knocked out Travis. She'll then get a new choice: Take the wheel or grab the gun. Here are the outcomes of both choices:

Take the WheelLaura will grab the wheel, forcing us to complete a mash the action button QTE. If we're successful, Travis will back up, take the wheel and the chase will move forward. You'll then have to hit QTE up on the handbrake
Grab the GunLaura will reach for the gun, although she won't be able to find it. Travis will then wake back up, telling her to leave the gun. We'll then have to choose between grabbing the gun again or taking cover. If you go for the gun a second time, Silas will break open the top of the car and grab at Travis' face, forcing us to hit QTE down to move him out the way

Assuming you were successful, Travis will launch Silas off the car and into the road, running him over. Before we move on to the result of successfully thwarting his attack, let's quickly cover what happens if you were unsuccessful in your attempt to evade Silas. If you were successful, click here to skip ahead.

Silas Crashes The Car

If you attempt to grab the gun twice or fail most of the chase's QTEs, you'll see Silas break open the top of the car and begin grabbing at Travis' face. You'll get a QTE down here, which will save Travis, Laura and Ryan's lives if performed correctly.

However, if you fail this QTE, Silas will rip Travis' head off and the car will crash spectacularly, killing Ryan. However, there's still a chance to accomplish your goal. After the car's been totalled, Laura will crawl from the wreckage and towards her gun. If you successfully perform a mash the action button QTE and press QTE up, Laura will kill Silas, ending the curse as she succumbs to her wounds.


Finishing Silas Off

Assuming Laura didn't go down in a blaze of glory and she, Travis and Ryan survived the assault, we'll now have to gear up and track Silas down. Once the trio are out of the car, they'll realise they're exactly where Laura crashed two months prior... it seems she accidentally stumbled upoon Silas' humble abode.

After a heated conversation between Laura and Travis, Travis will ask whether the group's ready to go take him down. We'll have two options:

DeterminedLaura will tell Travis that she's ready to end it
BitterLaura will tell Travis that he will pay for everything he's done

Travis will then walk off. Ryan and Laura will join him unless Ryan opted to shoot Bobby when saving Nick in Chapter 3.

If we did shoot Bobby, Ryan came across a vial of blood. We can now use that vial of blood to mask Ryan or Laura's scent. If we successfully kill Silas, this vial won't matter. If we aren't, well, we'll get to that in a little bit. Essentially, pick whichever character you want to safeguard from potential death and then we'll press on.

As the group ventures through the forest, Laura and Ryan will tell Travis about the Hag of Hackett's Quarry, who he'll reveal he thinks is Eliza. We'll be able to chime in on this:

AnnoyedLaura will get angry with Travis, giving him flack for not sharing more about why Caleb was bitten
ProbingLaura will ask Travis for more details about the ghostly woman

Travis will share the full story behind Caleb's infection, claiming that Kaylee wanted to help Silas who was trapped in a cage at the carnival. She convinced Caleb to start a fire, leading to the scene we saw in the secret fortune teller vision in Chapter 9.


Travis will claim that Kaylee successfully freed Silas using the fire as a distraction, but he bit Caleb in the process, starting the chain of events we stumbled into. Once the story is done, Laura can respond:

ReflectiveLaura will put together the pieces, noting that's why Travis has been tracking Silas for years
MeanLaura will claim they could just murder Caleb to cure everyone infected tonight

Eventually, the trio will stumble into the burnt remains of the carnival.

(Potential Death) Ending the White Wolf's Curse

After Ryan has a harrowing run-in with Eliza, Travis, Laura and Ryan will make their way through the rubble and find exactly what they're looking for.

Hunched over in the wreckage of his cage, the group will discover Silas. Laura will walk toward him, clearly feeling sorry for the poor creature. Ryan and Travis will beg her to shoot him.

We'll now get an interruption, giving us the opportunity to raise Laura's gun. If we raise the gun, we will enter a combat scenario. Shoot Silas to kill him and officially end the werewolf curse for good. If you made this decision and blasted Silas, congratulations, you've finished the game. Skip ahead to the epilogue section by clicking here.

If you didn't raise

<meta />


Laura's gun, Travis will get angry, grabbing for the weapon. Hit QTE right to pull away. If you successfully evaded Travis, he'll fall to the floor next to Silas. You'll then be able to shoot Travis or Silas. If you shoot Silas, we revert to the first ending. If you shoot Travis, Silas will kill Laura and Ryan (Unless one of them is covered in wolf's blood, in which case they'll be spared). If you refuse to shoot either then Silas will kill Travis, Ryan and Laura (again, unless one is covered in werewolf blood).

In short, don't be tricked by the Hag of Hackett Quarry or how bleak SuperMassive makes killing Silas feel. Take the white wolf down and end the curse for good, freeing everyone currently afflicted.


And just like that, the Quarry will be done. We'll quickly stop in for a brief debrief with Eliza, who will either despise and curse you for killing her son or praise and thank you for allowing him to hunt another day. Either way, we'll then cut to the epilogue.

This essentially just shows us the fates of every character we've met or played. Sit back, enjoy and you'll have officially completed The Quarry. Congratulations!

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