CAR WASH Blue Wave Express (2023)


Taking my truck for a wash Plus new features I found out my new truck has


All right, you guys I'm back with another truck video today it deserves a nice washing.

So that's what we're gonna do here in rosenberg, texas, I'm going to a car wash.

That is somewhat new to me.

I've been there a couple of times, but we're gonna check it out today.

The name right now escapes me so we'll have to find out.

When I get closer.

I think it's blue aqua or something like that.

I'm not quite sure it is a beautiful day here in texas, blue skies and the temperature is about 81 degrees.

So it's needless to say, it's a nice day and I'm trying the gopro on the tripod on the dashboard to see how long it stays there if it falls out over you'll you'll be the first to know.

So let me know how that goes, and here comes the stop sign.

It did not tip over we're doing good.

That was a slow stop.

Okay, I think it's my turn to go and we're gonna find out real, quick down here to the main shopping area.

This is uh restaurants and target stuff, like that.

There's a movie theater dead ahead, the mark, the main theater in this area.

Another stop sign whoops and there you go there.

You have it, ladies and gentlemen, the first fall of the day, so I guess I'm holding it for the direction.

I'm sure there's a better way to go over here, but I just didn't navigate the best way um.

But here we are on reading the road.

I'm going to take a left here, there's aldi's right! There.

I've only been in on all these.

I think one time in my life maybe two times and we have arrived at their at our destination and it looks packed to the gills and we'll turn right here.

It is blue wave express car wash.

So if I made a blue aqua and you own blue aqua, yeah just dismiss that and uh, you can steal that name for your newest car, wash if you so do desire and it is packed with people.

So I will be right back in just after these short messages: yeah, okay, I'm back! I don't have a microphone on this gopro, so the wind may be a factor, but I want to get you a a before uh scene of the truck.

I would catch a little bit of a little mud, little splatters there from the road, no no off-roading for me and this truck it's two-wheel drive.

Of course, if you watch my last videos, you will understand that and uh.

There is a couple of things about this truck that I've learned from last.

My last few videos uh well mainly two things in the front and we'll talk about that.

Everything about the truck is okay, okay, everything's really great, but there are two.

There are two things that I had to update you guys on and uh down here there are louvers inside behind the grill, those louvers actually move.

Those are speed, activated louvers.

Once you reach a certain speed, those loopers will actually close up to make the truck more aerodynamic friendly and keep less air from going inside.

I believe that is the purpose of that and down here for more aerodynamic fun news this.

This spoiler right here actually has a lip right back here.

I'm not sure if you can see this, but there's a separate lip right here that actually will drop down through this mechanism.

It'll drop down, probably six.

Four six inches it'll drop down at a certain speed around 60 miles per hour to allow the truck to have more aerodynamic flow to increase miles per gallon, which is you know, wonderful for uh saving, money, of course, and I have to take off my antenna for the car wash.

Otherwise you know bad things could happen.

It might get wrapped up in this.

This is not a touchless car wash.

It has the little things that go across the paint so take that off.

If you so do desire um, this is uh about it.

There's not a whole lot else to say, except for let's get it on um.

There is one more thing, but I can't remember, but I'll have to update you that in due time the car wash blue express is coming up next, oh by the way, if you guys or gals, are into um or you work in loud places, and you love listening to music, but you have to wear these these these ear plugs here.

These are actually speaker.

These are actually headphones.

They look like earplugs but they're.

They work great for uh loud noise, canceling earplugs, but they also plug in to your headphone jack into your your cell phone.

If you have this capability on your phone uh worth the money about 20 on amazon check, it out, we'll be right back with the car wash here.

Waiting in line here are the prices 16 12, 9 and 6, I'm going with the 16 premium, hot wax tire and tire shine.

A high gloss, shine plus protectant sounds good waiting in line hey, I'm gonna.

Let's try uh wash menu here, 16 the best option, in my opinion, payment processing.

Of course I would and waiting in line again a five dollar one-time fee towel exchange program.

No thank you that does not sound like that.

It's for me at all five dollars for a towel.

Oh you pay five dollars and you just exchange the the towel endlessly.

I guess it's! Okay, really you don't bring your own towel wash your own towel! There's some more pricing information after you made your purchase.

Oh that's! The endless wave package 15 for basic wash polish, protect 19 polish, protect entire shine for 25 dollars per month.

I just paid 16, so that is price effective.

If you're interested in that check out for your next car wash needs.

Oh, yes, don't forget to check them out, and I got about four or five people ahead of me.

Coming up quick sitting here, waiting in line the car, the suv in front of me is up next and then I'll go in behind them.

They're in the car wash now I gotta follow these instructions all this jazz.

So here we go.

My truck is in neutral.


Please put it in neutral cars and neutral pedal off the pedals, hands off the wheel and tent it down.

Wipers are off, and here comes oh yeah.

It still feels weird when you go into one of these and you have a neutron, it's just rolling away and you can't see anything hot wax home stuff.

It sounds like I'm taking a beating, I'm hoping to put any dents in my truck for this car, wash it uh hot wax.

I should be getting everything.

It was most expensive plan already rinsing off here.

This is way shorter car wash than my other video, where I went to bucky's the world's longest car wash, which is probably at least two times as long at least so we're going through the last brushing system here, and it looks like we're already getting some uh surface protected and with poly glaze.

Now we're going to tire shine.

Oh there's little scrubbers on the ground.

There scrubbing your tires and already the conclusion of the car wash the blower system, and it's moving around my aluminum hood, a whole lot.

Military-Grade aluminum and there's an ungodly amount of little bitty leaves in the back of my truck, which is flying everywhere, probably sticking to the clean watch now and as soon as I get that green light.

From that light right there, which I doubt it's working because it doesn't look like it's- I guess I'll, just roll away in neutral and I did get the light rolling away and there is a free well, this they call it free.

You pay to get the car wash there's a free vacuum here to the left of me and uh.

Take advantage of that.

If you so do desire, I'm not interested in the uh vacuum today I got other things I need to do on to get my hair cut on to get some food in my belly on for all the things I need to do on my one day off only get one day off a week, otherwise I would have way more truck videos for you, guys, um.

Now, I'm on to sugarland texas, to get my fade and then later on off to gringo's mexican restaurant tex-mex restaurant.

Oh yes, the best in town rosenberg.

Actually there are a few other places, but that's for another video and another another time.

Perhaps thank you for watching this is the new channel name, more adventure which will change in the future uh.

I kind of just wanted to change the name if you're interested in this part of the video, the uh the channel, was called tex-mex chef and I went ahead and alienated all my viewers by 200, plus subscribers and changed the name rebranded the channel to more adventure, but everyone's pronouncing it more adventures, which I should probably change to that which is okay name.

I just want uh the fewest amount of syllables as possible, but it has to be at least two words.

I think that's quite effective, and it's just it's just in place for now.

You know what I mean, so it will change in the future.

More than likely thank you for watching.

This is formerly tex makeshift.

Now more adventure signing off.


CAR WASH Blue Wave Express? ›

Bill Poland, owner of BlueWave, will be joined by Terral Hill, co-founder and CEO of ClearWater, and Vinny Carfora, CEO of CarWashKing, in executive management positions overseeing the combined business.

Who bought BlueWave Express car wash? ›

Bill Poland, owner of BlueWave, will be joined by Terral Hill, co-founder and CEO of ClearWater, and Vinny Carfora, CEO of CarWashKing, in executive management positions overseeing the combined business.

How does a laser wash car wash work? ›

How Does the Laser Car Wash Work. This car wash has a system that uses powerful pressurized nozzles to direct water and cleaning agents at your car's exterior to lift off dirt, grime, and other contaminants. The drying process is also automatic with a high-pressure air dryer.

What company owns the most car washes? ›

425 locations. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Mister Car Wash Inc. (NYSE: MCW) operates more than 400 car washes nationwide and has the largest car wash subscription program in North America.

Who is the CEO of BlueWave? ›

Trevor Hardy. Trevor is the co-founder and CEO of BlueWave, a pioneering solar and battery storage developer, owner, and operator with a mission to protect the planet by transforming access to renewable energy.

How effective is laser cleaning? ›

What Works – And What Doesn't? Laser cleaning is technology that is more effective, safer and superior to traditional methods of cleaning; however, laser cleaning is not infallible. While lasers are ideal to use on most surfaces, there are limitations.

What are the benefits of laser wash? ›

Laser Wash Advantages

First, the machine soap your car twice to ensure that it will clean the entire vehicle from dirt all over. Superior to all other automatic car washes because of the touchless system. There are no abrasive and dirty brushes, dirty hand towels and employees who can damage your paint.

Should you fold mirrors in touchless car wash? ›

Before entering the car wash bay, remember to fold in your side mirrors. If your side mirrors are loose, have them repaired before going through an automatic car wash to prevent them from being dislodged or damaged.

Who owns BlueWave Energy? ›

In December 2009, Bluewave Energy was purchased by Parkland Corporation, Canada's largest national independent operator of retail and commercial/industrial fuels.

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About Mammoth Holdings Headquartered in Atlanta, Mammoth Holdings operates 108 conveyor car washes under the Coastal Carwash, SUDS, Silverstar, Busy Bee, PureMagic, Marc-1, Ultra, Wash Me Fast, Wiggy Wash, Pals, Finish Line, LuLu's, Ollie's, PitStop, and Swifty brands in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Utah, ...

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The organizational chart highlights the reporting lines within the company, starting with Arnaldo Magni - the Chief Executive Officer of Car Wash USA Express, and followed by additional decision makers: Gareth Winters, Senior Director, Facilities (West), and Brandon Icwg, Regional Director, Facilities Mtn (West).

Who owns Motor City Wash Works? ›

Owners Lee Belanger, Richard Belanger and Bob Wentworth founded Motor City Wash Works, Inc., in 2004. Located in Wixom, Michigan, our 68,000-square-foot facility is stocked with all the car wash parts and equipment you'll ever need for your business to succeed.

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