Best Free Kodi Addons – What Are Some Addons that Still Offer Free Movies, TV Shows and More (2024)

Best Free Kodi Addons – What Are Some Addons that Still Offer Free Movies, TV Shows and More (1)

  • Free

Free is a new AIO (all-in-one) addon from DejaVu repository that offers an ocean of movies, TV shows, documentaries, TV channels, catch-up TV, sports replays, comedy shows, Kid TVs, music, radio and more for completely free. Behind some links, ads are embedded, and the videos will start playing after the ads.

Free Installation Guide

  • Venom (versions 4.1.5 and before)

Venom is a frequently updated Exodus fork that has taken over giant user base from the dead Exodus Redux/V8. Venom has great customizability, wide scope of watchlists support, many practical functions and the new auto-playback feature. Compared with other OpenScraper powered addons, Venom tend to find more free links.

Unfortunately, the developer team decided to make it a debrid-only addon in the latest update, but you can still use Venom for free by Downgrading Venom to Version 4.1.5.

Venom Installation Guide

  • Scrubs V2

Scrubs V2 is a dedicated Exodus fork that uses its own scraper module and artwork which work excellently. Though does work with debrid services, but not like other of its kinds like Fen, Venom and Numbers that have finally remove free hoster support, Scrubs V2 is still steadily offering free streams. Apart from movies and TV shows, here you can also find sports replays, IPTV, fitness videos, documentaries and more.

Scrubs V2 Installation Guide

  • Tempest

Tempest is one of the best free movies & TV shows addons . Aside from large movies and TV shows libraries with detailed categorizations, Tempest also provides an IPTV section offering a sizeable amount of TV channels and other live content.

If you're looking for free live TV, TV channels, You can check out TempTV addon from the same repository, also a free addon.

Tempest Installation Guide

  • Chains Sinisters

Chains Sinisters is a community addon developed to integrate content from various addons to provide all-in-one content. It has support for debrid services and also a substantial section for non debrid users. Free users can find fast and high-quality new movies and catch-up TVs.

Chains Sinisters Installation Guide

  • M-E-T-V

M-E-T-V is a well-maintained movies and TV shows addon from EzzerMacs Repository. Here you can find from old to new quality movies, black and white movies, TV shows, documentaries, boxsets, music and more. Unlike many other source-select addons, M-E-T-V has a wealth of one-click free links, most of which are fast working.

M-E-T-V Installation Guide

  • Apex

Apex addon is a movies and TV shows addon from Magnetic Repository. Its TV shows section is a great place for enjoying content from Disney Plus, Apple TV and TV networks. Besides movie and TV shows, you can also watch documentaries, animations, cartoons and live sports with Apex addon.

• Source URL:

  • The Crew

The Crew is a new Exodus fork added with many niche categories. Besides movies and TV shows, you can find sports, IPTV, kids content, 1 clicks, CC collection, stand-up comedy, fitness, food & brews, radio, p*rn and more. Though links on The Crew could be hit and miss, content on The Crew is free to watch.

The Crew Installation Guide

  • Elementum

Elementum is a fairly successful fork of Quasar, a direct torrent streaming/downloading addon with many practical features. Elementum is long discontinued but it keeps working lovely as of this writing.

Please note that, when using Elementum, a decent VPN could be needed to ensure anonymous torrent streaming. And Elementum not compatible with debrid services.

Elementum Installation Guide

  • Release BB

ReleaseBB is a continually updated movies & TV shows addon from Bugatsinho repository for watching scene releases. Unlike various Exodus forks, ReleaseBB has unique libraries that classify movies and TV shows with video quality, stream type and various video sources.

Release BB Installation Guide

  • Nemesis AIO

Nemesis AIO is more than a fine collection, a well-structured directory to curated movies, TV shows, live sports & replays, music & radio, documentaries, animations, kids, webcams, gaming videos and XXX content. Nemesis AIO also uses pin system from which the developer team can benefit to keep the constant updating.

Nemesis AIO Installation Guide

  • Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux can't be a strange name to Kodi old-timers as being the most popular fork of the old god. Exodus Redux is no longer being maintained since March, while the scraper package OpenScraper module isn't, making Exodus Redux still a reliable choice for finding links of some movies and TV shows that other addons failed to.

Exodus Redux Installation Guide

  • The Red Queen

The Red Queen addon is one of not many old addons that still work today and now housed in Racoon City Repository. The Red Queen goes down once in a while but is working perfectly as of this writing is serving up buffering-free and high definition streams for movies, TV shows, live IPTV, Distro TV, catchup TV, sports, Dailymotion and more for users to enjoy without cost.

The Red Queen Installation Guide

  • Greased Lighting

After The Movie Theater Butter getting shut down, its creator MTB team has developed a great working replacement to it. Greased Lightning Movie Cinema is an updated movies and TV shows addon that features exquisite collections sourced from ample free and debrid providers.

Greased Lighting Installation Guide

  • ClickSville

ClickSville, housed in Last Kingdom Repository, is a multi-purpose new video addon consists of impressive 1 click collections. Many of the sections work without Real-Debrid and its non-debrid zone covers latest movies, Sci-Fi movies, horror movies, classic westerns, boxsets and collections, and TV shows. While there are a handful of dead links, ClicksVille is still a good addon to try your luck when seeking old or niche titles.

ClickSville Installation Guide

  • Clown's Replica (Currently unavailable)

Clown's Replica is an AIO addon from cy4root repository which is one of the best best Kodi repositories that offers a good many free scraper addons. Clown's Replica provider free links for movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, IPTV, Kid content, radio and more.

Source URL: and

  • Rogue One

Rogue One Kodi addon is a new all-in-one addon from Narcacist's Wizard Repository, which also contains the new Asgard addon, the best alternative to the abandoned The Magic Dragon addon. You can find ample 1080p free movies before year 2021 from the Non Debrid Movies section. Debrid links and few free scraper links are availbale in other sections.

Rogue One Installation Guide

  • Revolution

The new Revolution Kodi addon from DejaVu repository is another great Exodus fork. Revolution addon is a built-in scraper pack with Open scraper support. From the same old exodus sections and categorizations, Revolution offers both free and debrid links in HD and higher quality.

Revolution Installation Guide

  • Grogu

Grogu is a new movies and TV shows addon from the new Fracture repository by ChipmanTech (developer). Grogu addon provides debrid movies and TV shows, free 1-click movies, IPTV and live TV channels and adult content.

Grogu Installation Guide

  • The Oath

The Oath is a multi-source and multi-scraper package addon with a basic scraper pack provided, and it also supports Open Scrapers, which is an updated scraper package that keeps Exodus Redux working. Additionally, The Oath addon supports native Orion integration.

The Oath Installation Guide

  • Hades

Hades is a new video addon from Racoon City Repository. Hades addon offers free links in for movies, TV shows, documentaries and new movie releases, all in incredible HD quality. There're also live TV channels and debrid-only 4K movie releases and adult content.

Hades Installation Guide

  • Black Lightning

Black Lightning is a new movies and TV shows addon from cMaN's Wizard Repository. Black Lightning supports next-up, filters and 1-click play, and it provides steady free streams and buffering-free debrid streams.

Black Lightning Installation Guide

Best Free Kodi Addons – What Are Some Addons that Still Offer Free Movies, TV Shows and More (2024)
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