$25 Outré HD LACE WIG: ISLA! (2023)


Love love love this!! Enjoy!

Human hair faux

Lacks versatility
Tangle ends

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This hair is making me want to go salsa dominican.

I look dominican, you're, not going to sit here and tell me I look cute y'all gonna.

Try to tell me I don't look human or dominican, y'all, know dominicans and cubers can be dark.

Skinned don't come for me.

Let's get it! Welcome to my channel.

Welcome to my channel guys, I'm back! It's shelly fonte! If this is your first time here go ahead and like and subscribe to my channel, you can go ahead and leave a comment too.

If you really bout it about it, but if you ain't feeling all that just go ahead, sit back and relax buckle up, keep your hands and your arm in the vehicle.

At all times you bout to get it popping, because this wig right here, baby, listen, I know y'all not ready, so just take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath.

You show inhaler just right here so much to say for some time.

So let's get right into this, we don't have no time to waste at a pecan puerto rican- okay, maybe not butter, pizza or just like milk chocolate.

This is so cute.

It's really giving me cha cha, it's really giving me salsa, it's really giving me mommy poppy vodka, bodega all of the above and before y'all, trying to say I'm racist.

I got a little bit of something up in me: okay, but um.

Let me just compose myself because I am hyped to say the least, I'm hyped, because I like this wig and I'm hyped, because it reminds me of somebody I know and we're gonna get to that.


So today I have out tray.

I thought this was called like something special, but it's an outrage wig and it's called isla.

It's lavish.

It's luxurious! It's lit! It's love! I got her in a 1b.

This is the other colors y'all can go on the website for the other color.

As you can see, she is side part, but I'm telling y'all to change your life.

You need to stop messing with them side parts and get it in the middle.

Stop playing, stop playing all the time face forward, face forward what you're looking over there for side parts is going.

They did anyways, let's get into the specs hd transparent lace last take up to 400 degrees, heat resistant, fibers, okay, let's get right into it.

This wig is bomb and let me tell y'all the best part about this.

Wig y'all need to write this down.

Isla I-s-l-a y'all need to write it down because this I I feel like y'all sleeping on this, but I feel like as soon as y'all see the right person through the wig.

I'm not saying the right person is me to each his own.

Some people like it in color.

So if y'all see any color as soon as y'all see what y'all want to see, everybody and the whole youtube's gonna go smash.

This wig up, like they did gabriella gabrielle, whatever her name is because this is giving me gabrielle vibe.

I love gabriella that was like in 2017 loved it, but this is the same exact thing as gabriella.

Gabriella might have been a little bit more soft sorry, I'm trying, but this is so cute and so pretty oh, I was getting to the best part.

I'm sorry, the best part about this wig is this.

Wig is 27.90 I'll.

Try done did it again.

I don't care what this wig talked about.

I don't care what the fibers I do care what the fibers is talking about, but I can go a little bit more lenient, because this is basically 25 and for a 25 wig.

This is giving me life.

I love it wholeheartedly.

This wig got me had me a hello okay, so I gave you all the specs.

I gave you all the price 27.99 just in case you just tuning in 27.99.

Get it like this is so cute.

The camera is not even doing it.

No justice.

Let me try to sit up a little bit but yeah it comes down to here.

So it's pretty long, I would say it's about 22 inches I'll, be all the way off with the inches that I'd be saying so I'm gonna say 22 inches.

I cut these little layers over here.

It wasn't like that.

It was just going straight down, and I ain't like that because it was making my eye look like.

I had a lazy eye because it was holding my lashes down like that.

Okay, so I mean it's not a con, it's a con for me because it's my head, but it's not a time per se thing about this wig is it is big head friendly.

I would honestly say that that's a pro, because most people have medium to big size.

Headed few of us have a little tiny little peanut head.

I got it crisscrossed in the back.

I did take the two clips out on the side because I always feel like they taking out my edges, so that might be why it feels so big.

So that's kind of a kind for me, because when I'm running my fingers through it like I'm doing now- and I get a little kink- I get real nervous.

I get anxiety because I feel, like the whole thing about the slide to the left, and this is not the electric slide, not today, no cupid shuffle no wobble.

No none of that.

Not today we want to be sturdy.

We want to be standing on firm ground.

Oh look at that.

Y'all! Look at it! Look at that get this! Somebody come get her.

This is so freaking cute.

I was contemplating getting this in the color and I'm happy.

I did not.

If y'all watch my videos y'all already know I get all my wigs from glamour dress.

So one thing I will say about this: wig: is it's getting a little tangly at the bottom already, which is I don't care? I'm not even gonna lie.

I don't care there.

I said it.

I don't care, I don't care that it's giving me a little tangles at the bottom, because it's so cute.

I was kind of mad at first that it was a little frizzy because it is a little frizzy, but the frizz takes away from the shine which makes it look human.

This could really pass for a human hair wig.

It really could until somebody touch it, don't touch and then you'll be good.

It could really pass for a human hair wig.

It's really kind of raggedy on the ends, though y'all I'm not gonna lie.

You could cut that off 27, you could cut it off, cut it off chop it off for 27 dollars.

Don't hear that I just took it out the box.

I ain't do nothing and I'm disappointed, because this is outright, but you know what this over.

Here, though, this is giving me life all right.

So let's get real.

Let's talk about the cons, because I'm not just going to sit here and be bragging on this wig.

Like I'm doing, let me be up front with y'all it's going to tangle.

Let me also tell y'all it's frizzy up top when I took it out.

It wasn't flat like this.

I did have to pluck the part which was a little tight together, so the tangles at the bottom, it's a little bit frizz up top and the part is it's shut.

It's closed, not open for entry.

You're gonna have to pluck it.

I was mad because y'all know I don't like plucking wig, so I was mad that I had to pluck the wig.

The other kind is the lack of versatility.

Y'all, see this wig on me and y'all gonna be like boom.

Y'all might want to wear it in the middle, but the wig part is trying to make a u-turn in the middle of my head.

Look at it like come on I'll, try.

You could have a straight part and still be on the side.

It could still be a side part, even though it's straight like, and even if you want to have a side part.

This type of part means that you can only wear it on this side, because the curve is going that way.

What if I wanted to wear it on this side, I might have a curve like that.

That's stupid! So that's a con too, but all the kinds about this are thrown out the window once you get it right and you put it on your head because it is beautiful as y'all can see, it is pretty.

It might not be the easiest wig, not a hard wig.

By any means I mean it, ain't, even no lace or nothing you got to do.

It did come with baby hairs, but I did my own, as y'all can see, come with his own baby hairs.

If you like that style as well.

I really think that if you do it with your own baby hairs, I mean with the wigs baby hairs.

It might even look a little bit better.

It might look like a frontal.

Some people like that.

Look, I'm a little um, I'm a 90s baby.

So I really like the sew-in look or even the closure.

Look, that's what I usually like to lean towards.

I want it to look like a sew-in, a closure or a human hair wig boom.

If it look like a frontal, I ain't mad either, but that ain't, what I'm going for so I'm being up front y'all.

This wig is pretty.

Are you going to be able to just put it on your head and go? Maybe if you wear it on the side, but if you want to wear on the middle, like, I did you're going to have to put a little work in because you're going gonna have to smack it down.

Do this and do that, but in my opinion, it's worth it for 27 and 22 inches of thick hair.

I mean this is a good density.

It's not too thick.

It's getting tangled on the end.

Y'all not gonna lie okay, okay, okay! So, let's see what it look like, the way it's supposed to be because, honestly, the way I got it in my opinion is the way it's supposed to be: let's do it.

Okay, this is isla on the right and inside.

I am in iran, but this is isla on the right.

I mean she's, still cute she's, still giving me mamacita vibes, she's still giving me.

If I learned spanish, everybody would think that that was my native language type vibe.

You feel me like if I was to learn spanish right now, get up on a little rosetta and go on a cruise.

Everybody would think I was cuban period period.

You can't tell me nothing different all right.

All right.

We don't want to be here all day.

Oh this is so cute.

Y'all might can rock it on the side.

So, if y'all like that, some people don't like middle parts, but me I'm a middleware type of person and yes, I'ma, keep saying it every single video, okay.

This was the right side, my right side, so let's try it on the left, as y'all can see, y'all see what I'm talking about it.

Don't look bad on the left, but look at that curve.

Looking dumb, if I put it over more, it's gonna, look even more dumb gotta.

Have it right here at a neutral angle, because if I put it over even more, it's gonna look more stupid like it look right over there and look right in the middle, in my opinion, but oh this side can do the little swoop that I like doing.

Let's just try it! Why not? Oh forehead, hey girl, what you doing now, no see nothing on the left is doing it for me like and some people just like left-sided parts, I'll try.

What are you doing? I love this wig, but I'm definitely docking some points for that, so don't even try it.

Everybody starts with an a in my class.

Everyone starts off with an a and you gradually that's what my teacher used to tell me back to the middle come on now.

What are you doing? Okay, so we back and we back all right back in the middle.

I love it in the middle.

Like is the curve is less obvious in the middle than it is over here I like it over there too.

I wouldn't wear it over there, but I do like it over there.

So if y'all are side, part girl go ahead and tell me in the comments below and copy this, because I'm telling you so now for the moment, we've all been waiting for last, but certainly not least, the writing okay.

So I'm gonna give this wig I'm giving this week a 10 y'all period.

I know I said I was going doc some points.

I lied a lot.

What you gonna do sue me a lot.

It's getting a 10 period period.

This wig is getting a 10 because not only is it bomb, but it's nostalgic.

It's taking me back to 2017 when I first started wearing synthetic wigs and then you know gabriella came out and she just blew my mind and then I was just like boom bang boom.

I never looked back after I wore gabrielle gabrielle gabriella, something like that and I had her in 99 jack and I wanted her in 1b, but she was sold out boom.

God has laid a blessing on me now I have isla so yeah.

This wig is getting a 10.

I said it, it has its imperfections, but everything combined.

I mean the price, I don't even think gabriella or gabrielle.

Was this cheap? The price combined with the look combined with the way this is making me feel like moana wait.

I don't think moana was puerto rican, though I might have to cut that out.

Okay! Well, you know, I don't know, I should do a little recap.

Her name is isla from outreach, just say: outre lace front.

It is hd, transparent lace.

Of course, like I've been saying this whole video, it is 27.99 and I got it in 1b.

So that's really pretty much.

It y'all do what you gotta.

Do: okay, scare money, don't make no money go get this wig pop, you obey and come back and holla at your girl.

Thank you.

So much for watching make sure you like comment and subscribe, make sure you share me out, make sure you go ahead and hit that notification bell.

So you know exactly when I post the video, like, I said again, that's like comment and subscribe.

Please do all three, that's pretty much it me and isla is out we out so until next time guys see you later bye.


How long does an HD lace wig last? ›

Because of how delicate the lace is, HD lace wigs don't usually last as long as regular lace wigs. With proper care, Nolan says it can last up to 12 months.

What does 13x4 HD lace wig mean? ›

A 13x4" lace front wig is made up of lace that extends 13 inches in the front of the wig to cover the entire hairline, accompanied by a 4 inches deep part.

How does HD lace look? ›

HD stands for "high definition.” HD lace is a royal lace material that is also called Swiss lace, which is invisible when applied to the scalp. This ensures that the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable.

Can I wear HD lace everyday? ›

There's often a misconception about the different types of lace. HD lace is very fine and extremely transparent. Despite what you may be hearing, HD Lace is not recommended to be worn every day.

Is HD the best lace? ›

HD Lace Wigs Are The Best On The Market

They have a very natural and undetectable appearance. They are made with high-definition lace that blends seamlessly with the wearer's skin tone, making it difficult to detect that they are wearing a wig.

Which wig is better 13x4 or 13x6? ›

The difference between a 13x4 and a 13x6 is how much more lace is going towards the back of the head. A 13x4 only goes back 4 inches while a 13x6 does back 2 more inches. The 13x6 will give a more natural look than the 13x4. The 13x4 will be cheaper than the 13x6 because of the fact it has more lace on it.

Which hair density is best? ›

The most commonly chosen density is around 120%, which is considered medium to thick, and more closely mimics the density of the average human head. Many units come pre-plucked, meaning they are less dense around the hairline and gradually get denser, giving the units a more natural appearance.

What is the difference between 4x4 HD lace and 5x5 HD lace? ›

A 4x4 closure provides 4 inches of lace, a 5x5 closure provides 5 inches of lace, and a 6x6 closure provides 6 inches of lace. This simply suggests that a 5x5 closure falls in between the standard size closure (a 4x4) and the bigger closure (6x6).

Is HD lace good for light skin? ›

Both swiss lace and HD lace closures can suit almost any skin tone. Vietnamese Hair companies generally use 4 lace colors to match skin tones of a bit fair, a bit dark, extremely fair, and extremely dark-skinned people. Wig makers can choose all of these laces to create different types of wigs.

Do you need to bleach HD lace? ›

The best part about this is it is a type of undetectable lace that is excellent for every skin tone. So you will never need to bleach or color your lace frontal, closure, or wigs anymore. The HD transparent lace closure all depends on your pick and style. The texture of HD lace completely blends into the scalp.

What happens if I cut too much lace off wig? ›

Lace front wigs are designed to promote a natural look, but a common lace front wig mistake is cutting too much lace, which can disrupt the line of the wig. If you'd like a lace front wig but you're not confident in cutting the lace yourself, have a look at pre-cut lace front wigs.

Will lace unravel if cut? ›

When it comes to hemming, lace is treated quite differently than regular woven or knit fabrics. Due to their unique structure, most laces do not fray or unravel when cut. For that reason, you won't have to worry about containing unraveling threads, or folding the hem to hide the cut edge on the inside of the garment.

How long does HD lace frontal last? ›

Always air-dry your wig since heat can put wear and tear on the strands. Also, brush out your wig regularly to prevent knots and tangles. Don't wear a lace front wig for more than 6 weeks. Give your natural hair at least a few weeks to breathe before installing a new wig.

What wig lasts the longest? ›

Wigs can be made from synthetic or natural hair, with natural hair wigs being the most durable and long-lasting. With proper care, a natural hair wig can last up to 10-12 months, making it a great investment for those who want a long-term solution.

How long should you keep a lace wig on? ›

While experts generally agree that you should take a break after six weeks, don't hesitate to remove it sooner. In fact, some adhesive types are designed for short-term use only, so the maximum length of time you should wear a lace front wig depends in part on the type of adhesive you use.

What type of wigs last longer? ›

They are more expensive, less lightweight, and require more maintenance and time for styling. Human hair wigs have the longest lifespan of any wig fiber type, often lasting beyond a year depending on how often they are worn and how well they are maintained.

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