10+ Best Non Debrid Kodi Builds (FREE) July 2024 for Firestick/Android (2024)

In this article, we organized the Best Non Debrid Kodi Builds July 2024 for Firestick, Non Debrid Kodi Builds for Android Mobiles, Windows, Mac & other Kodi compatible devices. Most of these builds here work on Kodi 20 Nexus.

Debrid is a top class multi-hoster Like Real Debrid, AllDebrid and Premiumize. In different words, it’s far a top class hyperlink provider. Kodi Addons fetch more than one streaming hyperlinks for videos, along with movies and episodes. In addition, maximum addons provide loose hyperlinks. However, the great of loose streams is normally now no longer as much as the mark.

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A Non Debrid Kodi Build is Build that Works and Stream Free Movies/Tv Shows.. without purchasing a Debrid Service to watch your Favorite Contents.

Kodi’s Best Movies and TV Shows Builds, Here is a list of the Best Non Debrid Kodi Builds for those who don’t have or won’t buy RD, AD, or PM and are having trouble finding functioning links.

Here is a list of the top Non Debrid Builds for Kodi that this post will discuss. All of the Builds now have reference links.

  • 1. Diggz Xenon Burst Build

Diggz Xenon Burst is a New FREE (Non Debrid) Kodi Build from Diggz Chef Wizard, Elementum is the torrent client used in this build.
For this reason, when using this build, I advise using a VPN. It is configured to use a proxy server for added security, however for added protection, I still advise getting a VPN. Compared to other Free Kodi scraper addons, this one offers MUCH better Free streams especially for TV series…

How to Install Diggz Xenon Burst Kodi Build

  • 2. Xontrix Gratis Kodi Build

Xontrix Gratis is a Non Debrid Kodi Build it’s one of the All-in-One builds that offers you with a wide variety of content to stream on Kodi. The Build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Music, Kids, and more.

How to Install Xontrix Gratis Kodi Build

  • 3. FunFlix Gratis Kodi Build

Funflix Gratis is a kodi build located in the Funstersplace Wizard, it’s a Non Debrid Kodi Build it offers you with a wide variety of content to stream on Kodi.

How to Install FunFlix Gratis Kodi Build

  • 4. HomeFlix Kodi Build

The Funstersplace Wizard, which has several of the Best Kodi Builds available, is where you can get HomeFlix.

On any device, including Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, and others, users may watch HD movies and TV shows.

How to Install HomeFlix Kodi Build

  • 5. Klix Free Kodi Build

Klix Free is a Non Debrid Kodi Build and the Free version of Klix Build located in the 709 Repository, This Repo has alot of Kodi Builds like Klix Build, Game on Build, Xlite Kodi Build, Arctic Rain Build, OneFlix Build and Serenity Build.

How to Install Klix Free Kodi Build

  • 6. OneFlix Kodi Build (Debrid & Free)

OneFlix is a movie and television show platform that offers a variety of streaming options and a user-friendly design. It offers high-quality streaming links by utilizing paid add-ons like Seren, Fen, Homelander, The Crew, and Umbrella.

How to Install OneFlix Kodi Build

  • 7. Game On Kodi Build (Debrid & Free)

Game On is a New Sports Kodi Build located in 709 Repository, it’s a sports only build like NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Football, Motor Sports, Rugby, Tennis and more.
This build is fully loaded with a lot of Kodi Sports Addons and PPV Kodi Addons like The Crew, The Endzone, The Loop, Rising Tides, SportsHD, Centry, Asgard, Apex Sports, Gratis ..

How to Install Game On Kodi Build

  • 8. Xlite Switch Kodi Build (Debrid & Free)

Only resolver services like real-debrid or All-Debrid are compatible with Xlite, a debrid and free build.

It offers high-definition streaming links using paid add-ons like Seren, Fen, Homelander, The Crew, and Umbrella.

How to Install Xlite Switch Kodi Build

  • 9. Freedom Kodi Build

Freedom is a Non Debrid Kodi Build located in the Funs Wizard, Freedom, Movies, TV Shows, iVue Guide, Catch-up Tv, Twisted, Football, Sports, PPV and more Sections are included.

How to Install Freedom Kodi Build

  • 10. Batfleck Kodi Build

Batfleck is a Non Debrid Kodi Build located in the funs Wizard, Batfleck, Horror, Kung Fu, War, Action, Animation, Reality TV, TV Shows, Sports and more Sections are included.

How to Install Batfleck Kodi Build

  • 11. Badass Women Kodi Build

Badass Women is a non Debrid Kodi Build located in the funs Wizard, Badass Women, Trnding, CatFight Paradise,Horror, Thriller, Sci-fi, Superhero, Comedy, Family, Western, Kung-fu/Asian, PPV, Games, Football, Live TV, and more Sections are included

How to Install Badass Women Kodi Build

  • 12. Power Kodi Build

Power is a new kodi build by Tecknick and it’s located in the funs Wizard. this build a Non Debrid Kodi build, so you don’t need Real Rebrid Account. Sections like Movies, TV Shows, Ivue TV Guide, PPV, Sports, Replays, Football and more are included.

How to Install Power Kodi Build

  • 13. FreeLoader Kodi Build

FreeLoader is a New Lite Kodi Build by 709 Wizard located in the Funstersplace Repository.
This build is one of the Netflix Style Kodi Builds, it’s very light with less than 96 MB and works Free (Non-Debrid), Sections like TMDBH Movies, In Theaters, Tending, Movies, Tv Shows, Premieres, THDbH Tv and more are included.

How to Install FreeLoader Kodi Build


10+ Best Non Debrid Kodi Builds (FREE) July 2024 for Firestick/Android (2024)
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